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Good Read: The Feud That Birthed the Electric Guitar

Les Paul and Leo Fender were fierce competitors. Their rivalry led them both in the same direction—toward the creation of the solid-bodied instrument that changed the course of rock music. JAMES PARKERJAN 23, 2019 “More circuitry was necessary.” How is it that in a book as rich in description, as full of imagist sound-summonings, spot-on…
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History Files: The Genesis Of Clair Bros To Today

By Jeff MacKay • November 20, 2013 The incredible journey from a Christmas gift PA system to a global powerhouse in the touring business The story of Clair Brothers starts in 1954, when a grocer decided to purchase a PA system as a Christmas gift for his two sons, Gene and Roy Clair.  “He had no knowledge of…
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Clair Brothers S4

14/06/12 at 2.43pm   /   by rabynC The Clair Brothers S4 cabinet is one of the few speaker cabinets that has passed the test of time. The S4 made a huge impact on the live audio industry when it came out in 1974! Here is a photo of one listed on EBAY recently that compelled…
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The History of Microphones

by Mary Bellis  A microphone is a device for converting acoustic power into electric power that has essentially similar wave characteristics. These devices convert sound waves into electrical voltages that are eventually converted back into sound waves that are amplified through speakers. Today, these handy devices are often associated with music and entertainment, but the history…
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The Wall of Sound

FEATURES| By Brian Anderson|Jul 5 2015, 11:45am The untold story of the Grateful Dead’s short-lived mega PA, arguably the largest, most technologically innovative sound system ever built. It sounds like it was just another band meeting for the Grateful Dead. Three-fifths of the Dead’s original lineup were holed up in Novato, California, at the band’s practice…
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Showco Prism Sound System Secrets Revealed

This PA of the Day is from David Friedman, who submitted it with permission from Shaun Clair. Additional information from designer Jim Brawley. This and more Great articles can be found on The PA Of The Day Website “August 16, 1986, Prism Sound System, Showco, Inc. Dallas, Texas… The Prism sound system was just rolling out of Showco’s woodshop commanded…
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From a humble start as a radio parts wholesaler in 1925 Shure has grown to become a global leader in audio electronics. Shure products have been everywhere and seen it all! Learn more about the most important milestones in our company’s history. THE STORY OF SHURE – FULL VERSION HERE:

Microfiles: Altec Lansing (and Western Electric) 639 A/B A look at an early two-element microphone that made its debut in the early 1940s

Design credit for this 639 goes to William R. Harry and Robert N. Marshall of Bell Laboratories. They received patent number 2,227,580 in early 1941.  Model 639 Condensed SpecsSensitivity: -84 dB re 1v/dyne/cm2 Power Output Level: -56 dBm at 10 dynes/cm2 Frequency Range: Uniform from 40 Hz -10 kHz Impedance: 40 ohms (average value, intended for use with…
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