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The Reason For “Bad Sound” May Not Be The Sound System

By Pat Brown Three factors of roughly equal importance play the key role in good sound – and two out of three isn’t good enough. The Operator I’ve intentionally saved this one until last. The most overlooked link in the chain is the end user of the system. This includes the mixer operator and any…
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EV At 90: Powering The Passion Of Performance For Nine Decades (And Counting)

By PSW Staff A look at the history of one of the most storied brands in professional audio, as well as where the company is going today and what’s planned for the future. The year was 1927, and the global professional audio industry didn’t exist. But things were about to change. It was the year…
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The History of the Ghost Light

By Cristina D’Almeida IIt’s usually known as an end of night procedure. You might hear people say, “hey don’t forget to put the ghost light on” before they leave the theater for the night. A night would not be complete without lighting it. So many have asked through the years what is the purpose of…
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Charlie Watkins Audio Pioneer 1923 — 2014

By Gary Cooper Few have contributed as much to the technology behind rock & roll as Charlie Watkins and his company, WEM. We celebrate the life of one of audio’s great inventors. Look closely at the video of Stones In The Park and there, among the Hell’s Angels, Mick Jagger in his frock, Keith Richards…
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Allen & Heath Academy Now in Session

FOH Staff • News • March 10, 2020 All available seats were filled at a Southern California Allen & Heath Academy session, seen here focusing on wireless application control of a live sound console. VAN NUYS, CA – Introduced in February with its first classes in Van Nuys, CA, Allen & Heath Academy offers attendees…
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Parents Need to End the Stigma Surrounding Trade School

by Katie BinghamSmith I’m going to be completely transparent: When I attended high school in the ‘90s, if you were a student who took vocational classes, everyone thought it meant you couldn’t cut it in regular school. The cool thing to do was to graduate high school the traditional way and if you didn’t, you were…
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Check One, Two: A Primer On Sound Check (And More)

By Craig Leerman It can be a simple matter or a more detailed procedure ranging from system tuning through line checks and more. For many engineers, the term “sound check” refers to the time the band hits the stage before the gig, plays a few numbers, has their monitor levels adjusted and then heads off…
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Hitting The Road: Touring Etiquette For The Uninitiated

By Becky Pell Considering instinctual behaviors from long-time roadies for surviving your first time on the road with a large-scale tour. Going on a large-scale tour for the first time is a daunting experience. Thrown together in close quarters with a bunch of people you’ve never met before, the days are long, you’re away from…
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Oberlin College Launches Recording Arts and Production Degrees Oberlin College & Conservatory will start a new program in Recording Arts and Production in fall 2020.

PROSOUNDNETWORK EDITORIAL STAFF Oberlin, OH (February 21, 2020)—Making use of its nine concert venues and recording studio, Oberlin College & Conservatory will start a new program in Recording Arts and Production beginning in the fall of 2020. The program will offer a one-year Professional Certificate in Recording Arts and a two-year Artist Diploma that incorporates…
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Active Shooter


FEMA V-1000/March 2018 An active shooter is an individual engaged attempting to kill people in a confined space or populated area. Active shooters typically use firearms and have no pattern to their selection of victims. Remember this can happen anywhere and at anytime Prepare NOW HOW TO STAY SAFE WHEN AN ACTIVE SHOOTER THREATENS If…
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