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Men Still Dominate the Music Industry, Report Finds

BY STEVE HARVEY This year’s Annenberg Inclusion Initiative Report, Inclusion in the Recording Studio?, found menstill greatly outnumber women in the upper reaches of the music industry. Los Angeles Ca—Female artists Lizzo and Billie Eilish may have taken home a slew of trophies at this year’s Grammy Awards, but as the third annual USC Annenberg…
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Mixing Evolution: Key Steps In The Journey To The Digital

Console Platform February 18, 2020 Andy Coules Andy Coules Considering the current capabilities of digital consoles, how we got here, and what the future of mixing may hold.  Recently I was asked to mix a live show on a console that could only be controlled via a tablet, and I found myself arguing quite strongly…
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“It was 20 Years Ago Today…”

Terry Lowe • February 2020Publishers Note • February 9, 2020 With PLSN’s 20-year milestone in mind, NAMM invited Lowe to participate in the association’s Oral History program and share his reminiscences and perspective on the businesses of music and publishing. Well, it might not be exactly today, but February of 2000 saw the first issue…
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A Lil Nostalgia….. 47 Years Of Flaming Guitars, Levitating Drums & Pyro: KISS Touring Nears The End

Friday, 2/14/2020 By: Deborah Speer A couple of restless kids from Queens, N.Y., realized they weren’t getting what they wanted from the bands they were seeing in concert and instead created their own in 1972. The band, Wicked Lester, even got a look from Epic Records, which signed the group but shelved its album debut. …
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EV At 90: Powering The Passion Of Performance For Nine Decades (And Counting)

PSW Staff writer 2017 A look at the history of one of the most storied brands in professional audio, as well as where the company is going today and what’s planned for the future.  The year was 1927, and the global professional audio industry didn’t exist. But things were about to change. It was the…
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All Wrapped Up: A Treasure Trove Of Advice About Cable & Interconnect

PSW Staff Veteran engineers and techs offer hard-earned tips, nuggets, and tidbits regarding cable care, use, storage, and more that they’ve cultivated over the years. Here’s a example of what can happen when best cabling practices aren’t followed. Thanks to Carl Stewart for the image! We’ve featured numerous articles over the years looking at both…
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David 5-1 Norman. Photo by Tyrone T-Money Holmes

David “5-1” Norman

Mike Wharton • January 2020 PLSN Interview • January 12, 2020 David Norman is a big fan of music, and has been since, as a small child, he would hear his mother playing the piano, his father spinning a vastly broad spectrum record collection, and a sister who also played piano and drums. Small wonder…
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The Invention Of The Phonograph: From Early Recordings To Modern Time

May 18, 2017  By Tom Lubin The storied history of a device that has significantly shaped modern culture For the purposes of introduction, the gramophone and the phonograph have been considered a single invention since the former evolved out of the latter to eventually replace it. Both were inscribing, groove based systems. The gramophone/phonograph was…
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Showing The Way: The Power Of Positive Thinking (& Acting)

By Karl Winkler A word of encouragement goes a long way. It feels incredibly good to both parties, and it’s basically free.  As I move along in my position in life, philosophical questions and thoughts keep coming. For one thing, I wonder about whether or not to become a curmudgeon, you know, reminiscing about “back…
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Survey: What Diversity and Inclusion Policies Do Employees Actually Want?

By Matt Krentz February 05, 2019 We know that diversity matters. In addition to being the right thing to strive for, having a diverse workforce helps companies acquire and retain the best talent, build employee engagement, increase innovation, and improve business performance. Yet corporate diversity still lags, especially at the top levels, which continue to be…
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