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MIDAS PRO 2 Training FOH Setup

The ground breaking Midas PRO2 features 64 simultaneous input channels with 8 award-winning MIDAS Microphone Preamplifi ers and 27 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses. Like all PRO Series consoles, the PRO2 features managed latency and 40 bit floating point processing precision. Designed for use in high-profile live sound applications, the PRO2 sets a new standard…
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PSW Signal To Noise Podcast

Welcome to the Signal To Noise podcast series on ProSoundWeb, sponsored by Shure Signal To Noise Podcast For more Podcasts in this series use this link

All Wrapped Up: A Treasure Trove Of Advice About Cable & Interconnect

PSW Staff Veteran engineers and techs offer hard-earned tips, nuggets, and tidbits regarding cable care, use, storage, and more that they’ve cultivated over the years. Here’s a example of what can happen when best cabling practices aren’t followed. Thanks to Carl Stewart for the image! We’ve featured numerous articles over the years looking at both…
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Is Immersive Sound Tech The Biggest Thing In Sound In 2020?

1/22/2020 By: Gideon Gottfried The Polygon Live stage At Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand Polygon Live and L-Acoustics are promising a revolution in live sound, by taking the surround sound that people are used to experiencing in cinemas, adding a vertical dimension, and delivering it onto the dance floor. L-Acoustics founder and president Dr. Christian Heil…
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The Best Power Strips and Surge Protectors to Keep You Going

By Don Melanson And Bradley Ford Protect your cherished devices and multiply your outlets with these well-reviewed options. JORG GREUELGETTY IMAGES The 1980s brought us the computer age and also ushered in the power strip. Most people had a desktop computer and monitor, and maybe a printer—but add to those external drives, scanners, wireless routers, and other peripheral…
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Not So Fast… Mixing And Routing Advantages In The Analog Realm

May 22, 2019  Craig Leerman Digital may now dominate the industry, but analog still has its place in many events for many reasons… For years, many have reported the death of analog equipment, especially large-frame consoles, but the truth is that they still see widespread use in shows and events of every type and size.…
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Seriously, What Are Digital Wireless Microphones, and Why Should You Use One?

by Alex Milne The word “digital” gets thrown around a lot, especially in audio. When it comes to wireless microphones, the waters become murkier still. In this post, we’re going to tell you exactly what a digital wireless microphone is, as you’ve never been told before, why they are superior to analog wireless devices, and why…
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Filling The Gap: A Range Of Approaches & Variables With Front Fills

September 4, 2019  ByEric Ferguson Depending on venue size, event type, and personal preference, different techniques may be appropriate. Here we go through them… As a college educator to newbie live sound students, I’m always looking to simplify audio engineering techniques into easy to understand best practices. Whether it’s mixing, system optimization, or stage set…
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Studiomaster MA36

by Gordon Reid BACK IN THE good ol’ days when men were real men and computers weighed a ton, the only serious communications standard between machines was a system called RS232 (or V24). This “standard” was usually based on a 25-way “D” connector with pins 2, 3, 6 & 20 connected to each other. Sometimes, however,…
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Will This Wearable Sound Mixer Transform the Live Music Experience?

5/24/2019 by Richard Smirke When Elton John takes the stage at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome on June 8 for the first of two dates on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, each fan may hear a different version of the show. When Elton John takes the stage at Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome on June 8 for the first of…
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