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Oberlin College Launches Recording Arts and Production Degrees Oberlin College & Conservatory will start a new program in Recording Arts and Production in fall 2020.

PROSOUNDNETWORK EDITORIAL STAFF Oberlin, OH (February 21, 2020)—Making use of its nine concert venues and recording studio, Oberlin College & Conservatory will start a new program in Recording Arts and Production beginning in the fall of 2020. The program will offer a one-year Professional Certificate in Recording Arts and a two-year Artist Diploma that incorporates…
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Tuning & Optimizing Large-Scale Concert Sound Systems

February 25, 2020 By Howard Page “The goal of this method is to have the sound system reproduce as closely as possible the same tonal balance and perspective (i.e. “the mix”) that is being generated at the output of the mixing console by the operator.” The ConceptDescribed is a method to reliably and consistently tune…
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Avoiding The Madness: A Logical Approach For Tracking Down Common Wireless System Problems

by Ike Zimbel Enacting a rational troubleshooting plan when encountering wireless problems in the field. As in most ventures, the process begins with a positive attitude….  For many in professional audio, working with wireless systems is still thought to be a “nightmare” filled with peril, an accident waiting to happen, and so on. In actual…
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Roundtable: A Range Of Approaches & Concepts On Signal Processing

By PSW Staff Do you have a go-to problem solver along these lines that’s an important part of your work? And/or maybe an interesting application for something standard, like using channel strip processing in a novel way? Our panel takes it from here… Steve Milner: Working with any type of spoken word or vocal channel these…
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MIDAS PRO 2 Training FOH Setup

The ground breaking Midas PRO2 features 64 simultaneous input channels with 8 award-winning MIDAS Microphone Preamplifi ers and 27 time-aligned and phase-coherent mix buses. Like all PRO Series consoles, the PRO2 features managed latency and 40 bit floating point processing precision. Designed for use in high-profile live sound applications, the PRO2 sets a new standard…
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Top Tours of 2019: Vendors, Crew and Gear

PLSN Staff • News • December 30, 2019 Ed Sheeran 2019 tour image by Ralph Larmann for Meyer Sound LAS VEGAS – PLSN is once again assembling its annual Showtime feature listing vendors, crew and gear for the top tours of 2019, as ranked by Billboard’s end-of-year charts, for the January 2020 issues of PLSN and FRONT of HOUSE magazines. Here’s…
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EV At 90: Powering The Passion Of Performance For Nine Decades (And Counting)

PSW Staff writer 2017 A look at the history of one of the most storied brands in professional audio, as well as where the company is going today and what’s planned for the future.  The year was 1927, and the global professional audio industry didn’t exist. But things were about to change. It was the…
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PSW Signal To Noise Podcast

Welcome to the Signal To Noise podcast series on ProSoundWeb, sponsored by Shure Signal To Noise Podcast For more Podcasts in this series use this link

All Wrapped Up: A Treasure Trove Of Advice About Cable & Interconnect

PSW Staff Veteran engineers and techs offer hard-earned tips, nuggets, and tidbits regarding cable care, use, storage, and more that they’ve cultivated over the years. Here’s a example of what can happen when best cabling practices aren’t followed. Thanks to Carl Stewart for the image! We’ve featured numerous articles over the years looking at both…
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Is Immersive Sound Tech The Biggest Thing In Sound In 2020?

1/22/2020 By: Gideon Gottfried The Polygon Live stage At Wonderfruit Festival in Thailand Polygon Live and L-Acoustics are promising a revolution in live sound, by taking the surround sound that people are used to experiencing in cinemas, adding a vertical dimension, and delivering it onto the dance floor. L-Acoustics founder and president Dr. Christian Heil…
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