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Month: March 2020

Welcome to The Roadies of Color United (R.O.C.U.) Touring Professionals International Network Website.

Parents Need to End the Stigma Surrounding Trade School

by Katie BinghamSmith I’m going to be completely transparent: When I attended high school in the ‘90s, if you were a student who took vocational classes, everyone thought it meant you couldn’t cut it in regular school. The cool thing to do was to graduate high school the traditional way and if you didn’t, you were…
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A Lil Nostalgia…. History Files: The Crown DC300 Amplifier Leads The Solid-State Revolution

By Gerald Stanley A marvel of power density that revolutionized pro audio in 1967… Not so long ago – the mid 1960s to be more specific – the most reliable large (for that era) power amplifiers were vacuum tube designs, with a unit providing 50 watts per channel being considered “hefty” and one offering 100…
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Check One, Two: A Primer On Sound Check (And More)

By Craig Leerman It can be a simple matter or a more detailed procedure ranging from system tuning through line checks and more. For many engineers, the term “sound check” refers to the time the band hits the stage before the gig, plays a few numbers, has their monitor levels adjusted and then heads off…
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