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Month: September 2020

Welcome to The Roadies of Color United (R.O.C.U.) Touring Professionals International Network Website.


Bruce Reiter is one of our legacy subscribers and has worked almost three decades as a Front of house mixer, Tour Manager & Production Manager with of number of bands including: Five Finger Death Punch Front of house mixer/production manager 2010-present Highlights: · Mayhem Rockstar Energy Drink Festival 2010 · Download Festival 2010 · Rock…
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Roadies Of Color United Is Proceeding with the formation Of it’s Professional Association.

By Lance K.C. Jackson Lance Jackson and Bill Reeves announced earlier this summer that Roadies Of Color United was ready to take the next step in the organizations evolution. For the past 12 years Roadies Of Color United International has been a social networks currently with about 1100 subscribers on it’s Face Book Group Page.…
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New HEROES Act Includes Save Our Stages Language

By: Francisco Rendon Democrats introduced an updated version of the HEROES Act federal relief package to the House Of Representatives yesterday, which includes language from the Save Our Stages Act. The Save Our Stages Act was originally introduced by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) on July 22 and proposed to provide…
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Separate & Unequal: 22 Years After the Black Promoters Association Lawsuit, Has The Industry Really Changed?

By: Deborah Speer Agency BLM TIMES A-CHANGING? Major talent agencies join together to organize a rally and march in support of Black Lives Matter, starting in front of ICM Partners’ building in Century City, Calif., on June 7. In the weeks since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the music industry has rolled…
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Open Letter to the Concert Production Industry

Bill Reeves and friends • Editor’s Note We are living in unprecedented times. As citizens of this country and as workers in the concert production industry, while we struggle to survive the turmoil and privation occasioned by the pandemic and the subsequent shutdown of our livelihood, we are also undergoing a moment of soul-searching and…
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Spotlight On: Roadies of Color United, with Bill Reeves and Lance “K.C.” Jackson

Interview by Mathew Walt About the Podcast Hustle Like U BrokeA Balanced Look from Behind the Scenes, Celebrating the Working-Class Heroes of the Concert IndustryMatthew Walt, Kyle Hamilton, Christine Dallas, and Chris Lee tell their stories from the trenches of the live entertainment world. With over 80 combined years of experience, working with a wide…
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Your iPhone 11 Pro Emits Twice the Amount of Radiation for Safe Use Should you be worried?

By Courtney LinderFeb 11, 2020 RF Exposure Lab in San Marcos, California found that the iPhone 11 Pro emits over twice the FCC’s legal safety limit for radiofrequency radiation from a cell phone. The testing builds on former investigative work by the Chicago Tribune, which also found that an iPhone 7—and other smartphones— exceeded federal radiation levels.  It all points to…
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Lance Jackson

First Post From K.C.’s Corner

Lance Jackson 4/28/2019 People seem to have enjoyed some of the many experiences I’ve shared with them over the years. So I decided to take a minute from time to time to document some of them to share both to the public and the members of Roadies of Color United International. Stay tuned I plan…
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Live Nation Urban is assembling a Black Tour Directory

Shawn Gee and Live Nation Urban are assembling a Black Tour Directory for rollout before the end of 2020.  When the pandemic finally ends and tours begin again in earnest, the issues surrounding diversity in the music biz will still be with us. In hopes of developing a more inclusive climate on the live side, Shawn Gee and Live Nation Urban are assembling a Black Tour Directory for…
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