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Month: April 2021

Welcome to The Roadies of Color United (R.O.C.U.) Touring Professionals International Network Website.

Women in International Touring

Presented by Theatre Art Life and Roadies Of Color United About The Webinar Join Ashley Lomax, Salinda Walker, Tasha McGahee-Shangvi, and Tina Farris in this TheatreArtLife webinar to see what it is like to be a female in the international touring scene. ABOUT ASHLEY LOMAXAshley Lomax is a Maryland native, with over 16 years in…
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Bruce Reiter, Sound Engineer and Production Manager (R. O. C. U.)

By Liam Klenk Bruce Reiter is a sound engineer who also works as a tour manager and production manager. For the last eleven years he has worked for the Heavy Metal band Five Finger Death Punch. Bruce shares his experiences in an industry he loves with us. He speaks about staying healthy on tour. About the…
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E’lyse Murray, The Agent to the Stars (R. O. C. U.) Women’s history month salute

By Liam Klenk E’lyse Murray is the owner and manager of the boutique entertainment agency Elyse Group 7. This is another article in a series in which we highlight members of Roadies of Color United (R. O. C. U.). E’lyse Murray has more than three decades of experience in the music entertainment industry, in producing events, and…
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Q&A Session: Production Management for Concerts and Festivals

Theatre Art Life and Roadies Of Color United Due to popular demand, TheatreArtLife is hosted a live Q&A session for one of our most attended webinars. If you missed out on this exciting opportunity to hear answers to questions that were presented in the last forum. We brought back our original panelists, this webinar is…
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R.O.C.U. Staff Audio Engineer / Production Manager I started mixing audio in my Church. During my teen years Cleveland, Ohio was a mecca for live entertainment of all genres. I was able to secure work with local and national audio companies in the area. Soon I was mixing venues, night clubs and festivals all over…
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Daychia Sledge, Audio Engineer, R.O.C.U. (Part 3)

By Liam Klenk Daychia Sledge is a successful audio engineer. She has experience as a recording engineer in the studio, as a live sound engineer, and as a sound engineer for television. As part of an interview series with members of Roadies Of Color United (R. O. C. U.), this story in three parts focuses on Daychia.…
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