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Industry Vet Michael Mauldin on Why ‘It’s Time to Bring Back the Black Music Association’

Jermaine Dupri and Michael Mauldin attend SoSoSummer17 concert tour press conference at Topgolf Midtown on March 22, 2017 in Atlanta.

Black American Music is the Mother of all popular musical genres and one of America’s greatest export to the WORLD. As an art form, it deserves to be protected by those who have enjoyed the benefits of it and those who have labored to advance it.

 The doors of the “Black American Music-Association” are open. Based in Atlanta Georgia with offices in Los Angeles,BAMis a black American music and community organization, operating as a 501(c)(6) trade association. As a membership based network, our focus is to highlight and uplift the authenticindigenous art-formof Black American Music, its content, creators, communityand culture. 

We are very aware and supportive of other newly formed organizations, such as;Black Music Action CoalitionandThe Show Must Be Paused. We respect that both groups were created in support of Black Lives Matter, to address problems of systemic racism and to help answer the call of discrimination within the music industry. BAM will stand with them in a collective effort to fight against social injustices but also fight for proper artist rights, black American music rights and better conditions for black executives within the industry. We all must speak from one united voice. 

BAM also looks forward to working along side theLiving Legends Foundation,National Museum Of African American MusicandRoadies of Color, to help support and lend a helping hand to the live music scene; musicians, crews and staff during a time of hardships and dislocation. OneUnited Voice! 

As a collective of associated entertainment related entities, music executives, creators and professional individuals; the BAM Association is positioned and structured to be theGoverning Body for Black American Music. BAM was organized in 2017 and incorporated in 2019 for that sole purpose. Our board and senior executive team consist of a distinguished group of active, experienced black executives and leaders. As the leadership of BAM, we look forward to working along with each and everyone of you as well as your respective organizations, for the betterment of community, media, entertainment and all things black …….. now and in the future. 

To know more about who we are and what we represent, visit our web site atwww.blackama.organd follow our socials @blackamaorg. 
After your review, please reach out if you have any questions or thoughts.  


Dedicated to Preserve, Protect and Promote the Legacy and Future of Authentic Black American Music. Join us: #BAM 

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