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Box of Doom – the king of isolation cabs

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Box of Doom – the king of isolation cabs

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The Guitar Zombie is a guitar playing dude from Stockholm Sweden, constantly “walking” towards new learning areas of the guitar culture.. The purpose of this blog is to explore the ghost of guitar tone, reviewing interesting gear and present mysterious and iconic guitar players.

A while ago I made a Rig Rundown with Fredrik Åkesson from the band Opeth. I discovered that he was using an isolation cab, a Box of Doom. Just like the guitarists of In Flames, Björn Gelotte and Niclas Engelin. Fredrik and the crew had just started to test this cab and they were obviously thrilled about the whole thing. 

The following Opeth US tour inDecember 2014, with In Flames, Fredrik moved on with the Box of Doom and only used his “traditional cabinets” for stage sound and to achieve acoustic feedback in his playing. The iso cab is actually what you hear live nowadays. The same goes for the guitarists in In Flames. Iso Cabs are not a new phenomenon but it´s definitely a big trend that just started. 

The Box of Doom, created by Sylvester Vogelenzang de Jon,  intergrates the mic and the speaker into a well isolated and acoustically neutral environment. The clear benefit is no bleed and interference from guitar, drum and vocal mics. And vise versa. The result is a very clean and dynamic signal in your studio or live mixing equipment. 

Another thing is that the amp can be cranked up a bit more, to get the best out of it, without having a noise issue on stage and where ever you play, you always get the same result. You are no longer reliable on the stage acoustics. Bands like In Flames and Opeth, leave the mics in the Box of Doom and roll them of stage straight into the truck. Next show they roll them on stage, plug in the XLR and amp and they are ready to go.

There are a few iso cabs on the market today, I have previously written about a consumer product from the states, AxeTrack, which has its advantages, especially the size. Randall has one to, but much larger than AxeTrack, and what I´ve heard it doesn’t  isolate enough. It works, but not very well, is a common term from people. 

The Box of Doom, on another hand, is a “high quality isolation cab” built like a tank, which both isolates fantastically well (-29dB) and deliver what you always dreamed of in studio and in a live situation with your P.A.

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