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Welcome to The Roadies of Color United (R.O.C.U.) Touring Professionals International Network Website.

African-American Music Appreciation Month – June 2021

Nationalday.com The United States has been celebrating African-American Music Appreciation Month in June since 1979. The month of June is set aside to appreciate the contributions of African-American musicians, composers, singers, and songwriters in American culture. The month honors the history and rich African traditions that gave birth to different styles of music such as…
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A Bit Of Nostalgia, An ‘Extraordinary Venue’ Turns 150: Royal Albert Hall Unveils Anniversary Program

 By: Gideon Gottfried Photo By: J Collingridge The Royal Albert Hall’s auditorium.Neil Warnock, global head of touring at UTA, told Pollstar, “I don’t think there’s another auditorium in the whole world that is like the Albert Hall.” London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall has unveiled the initial program for the upcoming 150th anniversary celebrations. Pollstar spoke…
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An Update From SIR

We hope this message finds you and your families well. This has certainly been a challenging time for the music industry and we want to let you know you’re not alone in the fight. As we all try to navigate our ‘new normal’ during the COVID-19 pandemic, please know that we’re here to work with…
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Update: The Live Industry Goes On Red Alert

By: Francisco Rendon Update (9/2)More than 1,500 live event venues and businesses around the U.S. took collective action Sept. 1 to illuminate their buildings in red, signifying that the live event and entertainment industry is on “red alert” and in desperate need of federal aid. The event was organized to rally congressional support for the RESTART Act,…
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Voices Of Live: Black Promoters Collective Hopes To Move The Conversation

 By: Deborah Speer The Black Promoters Collective is a relatively new group of Black concert industry professionals who saw the need to unite in the face of the industry shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but is finding itself in a moment as events grew to include the Black Lives Matter movement and increased societal…
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Update: Live Industry Awaits Aid; Venues Go On ‘Red Alert’

 By: Francisco Rendon Update: Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) – the Minority Leader of the U.S. Senate – stood with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and Rev. Moose of the National Association of Independent Venues and others outside of Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Aug. 18 to declare his support for the Save Our Stages Act.  Schumer, who is…
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An Introduction To Transformers In Audio Devices

By Ken DeLoria Key principles of transformers and how they shape professional audio equipment and systems. In the dawning days of audio, transformers played a vital role in the functionality of first-generation all-tube based electronic circuitry. It was circa 1920 and radio broadcasts for the general populace had just begun, generating a rapid rise in…
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Introducing Neverfamous.com

Roadies Of Color United International would like to introduce and announce our collaboration with Neverfamous.com Never Famous is a platform that connects Bands, festivals, TV shows, traveling Broadway musicals, and other touring groups need competent personnel who perform their tasks with a high level of expertise and professionalism day-in and day-out. Touring personnel need a…
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Indoor Concerts To Return To The UK In August, IFF Moves

By: Gideon Gottfried Laura Marling performs her new album “Song For Our Daughter” in an empty Union Chapel, June 6, in London, England. The UK government is rolling out stage four of its five-stage roadmap to bring back performing arts in the country. Starting on Aug. 1 audiences will be allowed back inside UK venues, but…
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The Stage Managers’ Association Announces 2020 Del Hughes Awards for Lifetime Achievement in the Art of Stage Management

PLSN Staff NY – The Stage Managers’ Association (SMA) has announced its annual Del Hughes Awards for Lifetime Achievement in the Art of Stage Management.  The 2020 honourees are distinguished Philadelphia based stage manager Patreshettarlini (Pat) Adams and Chicago based stage manager Alden J. Vasquez.  In addition to these Lifetime Achievement Awards, the SMA will…
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