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X-FDBK Automatic feedback suppression solution.

X-FDBK identifies the precise frequencies that cause feedback and surgically cuts them, dramatically shortening the setup time of monitors and PA speakers. X-FDBK is the first plugin ever to provide a complete automatic feedback suppression solution. Whether you’re an FOH engineer mixing for thousands or a singer performing with your own compact PA system, you…
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Entertainment Casual Job

Atlantic City, New Jersey JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBLITIES: Performs, but not limited to, the following: setup, operation, strike, inventory, construction and maintenance of all types of audio, lighting, staging and musical equipment used in entertainment area/events. Performs additional duties as required by management.Works diligently to support the S.H.O.W. Service Basic Standards culture and team philosophy throughout…
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History Files: The Genesis Of Clair Bros To Today

By Jeff MacKay • November 20, 2013 The incredible journey from a Christmas gift PA system to a global powerhouse in the touring business The story of Clair Brothers starts in 1954, when a grocer decided to purchase a PA system as a Christmas gift for his two sons, Gene and Roy Clair.  “He had no knowledge of…
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Clair Brothers S4

14/06/12 at 2.43pm   /   by rabynC The Clair Brothers S4 cabinet is one of the few speaker cabinets that has passed the test of time. The S4 made a huge impact on the live audio industry when it came out in 1974! Here is a photo of one listed on EBAY recently that compelled…
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Box of Doom – the king of isolation cabs

Gear reviews and “guitar player interviews”. The Guitar Zombie is the fastest spreading blog about guitars, amps, effects and other stuff. About The Guitar Zombie The Guitar Zombie is a guitar playing dude from Stockholm Sweden, constantly “walking” towards new learning areas of the guitar culture.. The purpose of this blog is to explore the…
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Audio Effects: The Beginner’s Guide to Shaping Your Sound

By Leticia Trandafir TOOLS LANDR Build your effects rack with all the knowledge you need. Panning Delay and Echo Reverb Chorus Distortion Equalization (EQ) Compression Tremolo Flanger and Phaser Filters Composers work with notes, melodies and chord progressions to write a song. The music producer’s toolbox is made of another kind of creative tool: audio effects. Of course…
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Plug-ins VS Outboard Gear

POSTED BY: THE MIX Which is Better, Plug-In or Outboard Gear? The decision to use plug-ins or outboard gear is one that all engineers must face. Whether they are a home studio hobbyist, or the seasoned professional.  Although in the real world, most people use a combination of either. For the sake of this blog we…
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