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COVID-19 ROCU Concert Tour Personnel Relief Fund

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COVID-19 ROCU Concert Tour Personnel Relief Fund

ROCU Staff

Here we are again week number Fourteen (14) of our continuing Campaign. This weekend we are calling this FIFTY ($50) Dollar Friday . We are asking for you to share this with at least Five People and to Donate Fifty Dollars or more. IF you can’t afford Fifty we still would appreciate what ever amount you can donate even the smallest amount can go a long way. So far with help like yours we have raised over $6,K. to date. We still have a ways to go.

The coronavirus pandemic is proving to be the most devastating challenge ever to face the live music industry and the creative community as a whole. With thousands of tours across the globe having already been cancelled, along with an increasing number of music festivals in this time of unprecedented uncertainty, the future of the music industry looks bleak due to the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The financial security and safety of many people working in the music industry are shrouded in complete mystery. 

Like many others in the entertainment services and concert touring production industries we are concerned about what the future holds and want to help.  it is clear there is a significant lack of economic support for those in desperate need. Our goal with this fund is to distribute the money raised to assist  industry professionals suffering from loss of income and other financial hardships encountered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 A reason to consider donating is the industry relies on a heavily freelance workforce. There is no security measure in place to cover the loss of income to the workers who are only paid for completed work from live music events. The industry operates in such a way that it is improbable for musicians or crew to receive any financial remuneration for cancelled shows.

Remember Industry “gig workers” don’t get to enjoy the work benefits that many conventional jobs offer. Freelancers forego paid salaries, unemployment, retirement plans, paid vacation time, health insurance, and job security for the sake of pursuing a career in entertainment. Unlike many jobs, musicians and touring crew members cannot work from home whilst in quarantine to make up for a loss of earnings. Please help us help them

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