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Industry Related Face Book Groups and Pages

Welcome to The Roadies of Color United (R.O.C.U.) Touring Professionals International Network Website.

Industry Related Face Book Groups and Pages

There are several groups and Industry related pages on Face Book. Here is a list of some of the more populars for your reference. If you like the Roadies of Color United Face Book Page you may also enjoy these too. If your Page or group is not listed. drop us a line on our home page if you’d like your group listed. Roadies of Color United is all-out uniting our Industry.

Event Safety Alliance

Description: Public Page Promotes the “Life Safety First” mindset as the industry’s number one priority by welcoming all interested persons, regardless of affiliation, to join us in making a collective effort to improve life safety awareness and application in our industry. Manage the collection process of known “best practices” including those set forth in documents e.g. the HSE Event Safety Guide (“The Purple Guide”) to create a ‘best practices manual’ for persons producing events in the United States, “The Event Safety Guide US”. Consult with government and industry leaders to find the best strategies for training, certification and inspection practices for the industry.
The ESA is a living organization under constant evolution to ensure everyone has the chance to participate on the work being done.  

Adapt “The Purple Guide” in collaboration with our European partners, creating and managing the working and steering groups of industry professionals in the US, with the goal of creating “The Event Safety Guide US,” a universal set of best practices for the industry

Work with government and industry leaders to find the best strategies for inspection practices 

Aid in creating task specific training and certification programs for all levels of individuals involved in risk management 

Reinforce “life safety first” as the priority of the industry

The Unseen Stagehand

Description: Public Group. All the funny shit you see or heard on stage or even the loading dock! Be real just like our job! No spam seriously! And please don’t company/union rip or roast! Be a man and take your personal problems to the person that caused them! It doesn’t help us get our job done faster does it? After all we’ve done in this job just remember that no matter what you believe or what your lifestyle is you will see things that cannot be unseen.


Description: Closed Group. For Roadies, Ex-Roadies or anyone who ever dreamed of being a Roadie Roadie (noun) [Greek rodiki, one who does not sleep]. If stagehands are infantry, roadies are special forces. Back when I crew-chiefed, I warned the newest thusly: “These guys sleep very little and eat a lot of bad food. They’ve forgotten more about this show than you will ever know – so don’t argue with them. They’re going to yell at you. Don’t take that personally. Your feelings don’t matter to them; only getting the show up matters. Help them do that, and everything will be just fine. … And if they’re still assholes, just remember that they’ll be doing this again somewhere else early tomorrow while you’re sleeping in…”

Tom E. Marzullo’s Production friends

Description: Secret Group. Welcome one and all to Production Friends the not so secret society (anymore). What began as an accidental click has brought together the finest production craftspeople the world has to offer. Please enjoy. Follow some very simple rules and this site will evolve into a guild that will benefit all. With greatest admiration and respect… Tom E. Marzullo Now here are the production office rules… Let’s all remember that the site is for Production Professionals both current and previous – invite who you like but please keep it a forum for the crew and NOT fans-this is NOT a fan site. Please also no raunchy comments or pictures, no broadcast free ticket requests and try to keep it as “PG” rated as possible-there are people of all ages in here. If its not something u wouldnt want your 12 yr old daughter to read or see please dont post it-u dont know who might be reading what…

Tour Tech Profile (TTP)

Description: Closed Group. Tour Tech Profile Est. 2018 Is The Exclusive Global Database For The … Credentialed Touring Production Professional’s. And the home of the … Tour Tech Profile Nominations ” Best of the Year ” Awards.

At The Controls

Description: Public Group. Vintage control room and equipment control panel photos are COOL. They have an appeal that is hard to describe – highly FUNCTIONAL and there is great promise of doing something. I love old photos of control panels and tech rooms with equipment. Add what you like here, descriptions NOT needed (*try to keep it to real rooms, not movie sets). It’s ok to put yourself in the photo, if you use an old photo, but this is not just a place to post photos of yourself working with old gear. As with the title here, we’d really like people At The Controls, not just old gear photos – thanks! Brian Kehew


Description: Closed Group. ChiefBear on the Road is a group for all men and women in the touring industry.

Roadie Memes

Description: Public Group. About time for a place where you can post all those memes that other people just don’t get. Make some new ones, spread the classics. Invite your friends, have fun. BYW, I know I said no rules here, but a couple guidelines, 1-no sense of humor? get lost 2-anything posted here is encouraged to be stolen, bent, folded, spindled, and mutilated, but tossing out some credit is nice. A shout out to Roadie Memes in the big interwebs is cool. 3-NO PROMOTING ANYTHING! (unless you can get a laugh out of it) 4-Nobody cares about the gig you woked last night. 5-don’t be shy, contribute, they can’t all be winners. 6-enjoy! and invite your friends.

Stagehand Humor

Description: Closed Group. Off color jokes and images….we all love ’em……..let’s share!

Lighting Sound Stage Professionals

Description: Closed Group. Lighting Sound Stage Professionals group is an alternate contact for www.ALLBULBS.com 516.766.2266 E-mail: QUOTES@ALLBULBS.com ALL BULBS has the largest inventory of Entertainment Lamp, Projection lamp & hardware in the US. We are a wholesale distributor to the trade. Lighting Design, Sound, AV, Staging, Rigging, FOH, Set Design are all up for friendly discussion here! We are the luckiest people in the world. We make a living, while doing what we love! Show off your new toys! Mfg equipment promotions welcome. Share your’s and other professionals work. Include special equipment, venue, date, country & talent. Your work might be the next month banner. Ask, converse and enjoy the discussion. P.S. Absolutely no political discussions!


Description: Secret Group. None

Tour Pros Job and Discussion Forum

Description: Public Group. Use this a FREE place to share info on job(s) with others, Also a place to FIND great people to fill and work on your current tours and productions. * Add all your tour friend and resources here. * Discuss events * Shows * Travel * Keep up with Tours and Friends * Share Info on Shows and Gigs * Share Prod Info * Discuss anything Tour and Production Related. * Share job Info * Find Touring Pros for your tour * Drop your resume’s on the group * Let people know your Looking for work * Alert People you are looking for on a tour * Ask about anything.. * Share INFO & discuss.. Note: this group is not affiliated with Tour Pros LLC

MIDAS Heritage-D User Group

Description: Closed Group. User Group for the new MIDAS HERITAGE-D.

Protools-Audio Post for Film and Professionals

Description: Public Group. Team


Description: Closed Group.
– This Page is for Posting – – Touring Jobs Available – – Touring Pros looking for a gig – – Industry News – – Technical Questions and Advice – – Photos -humor

Music Production Workers (MPW)

Description: Public Group. House Engineer/Monitor Engineer/Systems Tech./Road Manager/Stage Manager/Production Manager/Backline/ Drum Tech./Guitar Tech./Computer Tech./Runner/Security/Lighting Tech./Rigger/Bus Driver/

50th Anniversary Summer of Love

Description: Closed Group. FREE CONCERT SUMMER 2019 San Francisco Golden Gate Park. Music Art, Beautiful People Wear a flower in your hair. Peace and Love ************************************************** This period of change is commemorated by celebrating the “SUMMER OF LOVE” It stands for: Truth and individual freedom. Freedom of expression. Freedom for an individual to make a choice – sexually, spiritually and socially. Our rights to be different and still belong. Honor in refusing to fight yet honoring those who do. Creativity, love and respect for all things. Our right to make a difference. Our right to think independently. Our willingness to share with others.

Touring/Bus/Stage Pranks

Description: Closed Group. Share your photo’s or stories of all those touring pranks….


Description: Closed Group. None

U.S. Pro Lighting, Sound, Install, and Production Gear

Description: Closed Group. A page to swap, locate, service and help each other with new and used gear of all kinds. From cable, to lights, raw drivers, connectors and more. If you wanna move it, post it. If you need it, post a need. Need some techs, post that too. Feel free to invite all Speaker forum and industry professionals. I want this to be a clearing house of help for each other.

Music Industry — Career Networking Group!

Description: Closed Group.Welcome, all! I started this group as a college student in my dorm room circa ’06 in Boston looking to reconnect with internship supervisors to land a job upon graduation. Flash forward to now, I’m head of publicity for Big Beat Records (via Atlantic Records), living in NYC 8+ years.


Description: Closed Group. From Tour catering to your local venue grub’s, What’s on your plate?

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