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From The Desk Of David Brookes

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From The Desk Of David Brookes


Dear Friends,

I am forwarding to you all, the below message from Michael Strickland (Chair and Founder of Bandit Lites) which is a call for further action on our part.

I am pleased to announce we now have 170 co-sponsors of RESTART in the House, as we picked up 7 on Friday.

This is a direct result of your efforts and the WGN America News Nation broadcast!

A big thank you to Mr. Mark Hogue for connecting us there!

There is confusion right now in that many Senators believe Save Our Stages saves all of the Live Event industry and it does not.

To that end our messaging needs to thank them for including Save Our Stages, but again make it clear RESTART is needed to save the other 92% of the industry.

Attached below is a letter for all the Senators that you must send today.

The House is out but the Senate is in all week.

It looks and feels like they will deliver a bill late this week and we need to assure they know most of our industry still needs help.

While PPP will help a few, most of the industry still needs much more.

I have received a request that we ONLY e-mail our own Senators, as the volume is overwhelming.

Please pick your 2 Senators from the attached list and only e-mail their 2 staff members.

Thank you,

We must act now.

  1. Forward this exact e-mail to your e-mail list
  2. Hit Forward again
  3. Address e-mail to the Legislative Director and the Chief of Staff of YOUR two Senators only.
  4. Sign the bottom of the letter below
  5. Erase everything blue and red.
  6. Hit send.

Dear Senators and staff,

Thank you so much for all you have done in the way of small business relief thus far.

The entire Live Event Industry appreciates it.

As we sit close to another potential relief bill, we wish to make you aware that the wonderful inclusion of Save Our Stages only provides funds for venues, managers, producers and agents.

That leaves 92% of our industry without assistance.

This includes 10 million voters, all in our industry and all unemployed.

Please consider that 100% of our $877 billion dollar industry has been at zero income for 6 months and will be for another 6 months.

An additional 10 weeks of PPP is but a drop in the bucket compared to our dire situation.

Live Events is twice the dollar size of restaurants dollar wise and has 4 times the people employed.

The 40,000 potential job losses from airlines and the 28,000 potential job losses at Disney pale in comparison to the 10 million unemployed Live Events voters.

We urge you to include the RESTART language in the next bill.

This will save most all small business that is facing extinction.

This includes Live Events, movie theaters, minor league baseball, florist, shoe shops, watch shops, shoe shops, caterers, gyms, small manufacturers, hair salons and thousands of other decimated small businesses.

We simply have no other path to survival.

Thank you again for all of your support and please do not let us fail.

Congress and RESTART are our savior.

Thank you,

All the best


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