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Matt Schwarz Steps Down From Live Nation GSA

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Matt Schwarz Steps Down From Live Nation GSA

Wednesday, 2/19/2020 By: Gideon Gottfried


Live Nation

Live Nation The GSA division of the worldMatt Schwarz, who’s served as COO and one of the managing directors of Live Nation GSA for almost five years, has resigned.

“After almost five years I am leaving Live Nation. Today I resigned from office as managing director with immediate effect,” he wrote in an email to industry contacts, adding, “Thank you for a great time, really enjoyed working with you all. You are a wonderful bunch of people, both on a professional and personal level.”
Schwarz’s day-to-day operations and current projects will be taken over by the team of Carrie McNamara, Matias Muelas and Nastassja Roberts for the time being.

Celebrating the enormous success of “WorldWired” in GSA

Celebrating the enormous success of “WorldWired” in GSA From left: James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, Andre Lieberberg (President/ Managing Director Live Nation GSA), Lars Ulrich, Matt Schwarz (the former COO/Managing Director Live Nation GSA), Robert Trujillo, Carrie McNamara (Assistant to COO Live Nation GSA)Pollstarreached out to Live Nation GSA for comment, and was sent the following: “Live Nation and Matt Schwarz have mutually agreed to end their collaboration. Matt Schwarz has resigned as a managing director with immediate effect. Live Nation would like to thank Matt Schwarz for his successful work over many years.”

Schwarz’s biggest recent success was the handling of the GSA dates of Metallica’s “WorldWired” tour, which launched in 2016. All 15 concerts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, six stadiums and nine arenas, sold out completely.
‘It Was A Treat’: Looking Back At Metallica’s ‘WorldWired’ Tour In GSA
The GSA shows sold 486,130 tickets, grossing more than €42 million. The unique 360° in-the-round production set venue attendance records in most arenas Metallica visited. 
Schwarz told Pollstar after the tour in September, “the band produced a mind-blowing experience in this special configuration with a stunning production. Fortunately, we did not have any major weather issues on the outdoor leg, Metallica fans left the stadiums with a smile on their faces rain or shine.”
One of many highlights: Metallica performed at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium for the first time in its career, selling out 68,452 tickets and grossing $6,816,021 according to Pollstar’s box office reports, which makes it one of the highest grossing concerts on the GSA leg of “WorldWired.”

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