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Introducing our May Roadies of Color United professional of the month Donnita Hathaway

By ROCU Admin
May 3, 2021

Donnita Hathaway is a Personal Assistant with over 17 years of experience with high-profile clients in the music industry. She has assisted Grammy-nominated recording artist Musiq Soulchild along with Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter India. Arie. Hathaway has toured both domestically and internationally in addition to offering support for tv and appearances, scouting singers and musicians along with providing general support.

Music will always be Donnita’s, first love! Born into a rich musical family with jazz legend King Oliver, Classical musical composer Ulysses Kay being her great uncles and the late, great soul singer, producer and Donny Hathaway being her father. In 2015 she became the Founder and CEO of The Donny Hathaway Legacy Project (DHLP) which is her love letter dedicated to her father and a community that has also loved and protected her. The mission of DHLP is to provide culturally relevant and accessible mental health-related education, advocacy, and essential resources needed to support underserved youth, marginalized communities, and families of color.

In 2019 Donnita made a shift from the music world to politics. Currently serving in an Executive Assistant role, Hathaway currently works with Black Voters Matter Fund which is a powering building organization based in Atlanta. With their “We Got Power” campaign that focused on 11 states including pivotal swing states throughout the South, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, BVM was influential in increasing the black turnout which helped Joe Biden win the 2020 Presidential election, along with the following Runoff Senate race that turned Georgia Blue.

In March 2021 when the chance presented itself for Hathaway to join the Board of Roadies of Color (R.O.C.U) She jumped at the opportunity to support this amazing organization. As the world attempts to end a pandemic, it has been made clear that our many of America’s systems are flawed, one’s mental wellness is critical, and we miss the healing power of live music. While Hathaway has quietly sat in the background supporting some of the best in all these fields, she’s boldly stepping out of the shadows with her own voice, passion, and legacy.