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Ray Ross Saddle-Less Bass Bridge Now Available

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Ray Ross Saddle-Less Bass Bridge Now Available

The Ray Ross Bass Bridge is now available via AP International. Created by Aaron Ross and originally shown on his Bass No. 27, the bridge uses saddle-less design to streamline the string’s path. 

“Rather than utilizing a traditional saddle to provide a string break, the Ray Ross™ features a tone pin that keeps the string completely straight from the bridge to the nut; this concept removes the “kink” from the string, providing increased vibrational energy through the strings and into the body of the instrument,” a press release explains. “This feature allows maximum transference to the instrument so you can get the most of the bass itself, not solely the color of the bridge. Comprised of solid brass, the residual tone you do get from the bridge is articulate, resonant, and full-bodied.”

The bridge allows for adjusting string height with a later action adjustment wheel that raises and lowers the tone pin, while a second lateral adjustment wheel lets you adjust for intonation. It can be installed on many basses with seven screw holes to choose from including the spacing of Fender’s 5-hole design. 

The Ray Ross Saddle-less Bass Bridge is available with a price point between $139 and $179, depending on finish. 

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