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Roadies of Color United Honored on 2021 Pollstar Impact 50 List

Welcome to The Roadies of Color United (R.O.C.U.) Touring Professionals International Network Website.

Roadies of Color United Honored on 2021 Pollstar Impact 50 List

Roadies of Color United Association (R.O.C.U.) would like to give thanks to Liam Klenk a Theatre Art Life (TAL) Official for sharing some articles on R.O.C.U. to the TAL audience. Please read below and follow the link below to read more.

We regularly publish interviews and updates around the group Roadies of Color United (R.O.C.U.). An international professional association is based in the USA. Today, we are happy to share the news that R.O.C.U. is being recognized on the 2021 Pollstar Impact 50 List as ‘Transcending Confines.’ Read more here about what Pollstar has to say about R.O.C.U.

Each year, Pollstar compiles a list of executives who impact the live entertainment industry.

As they state in their current publication, “Compiled by the Pollstar editorial team with input from the industry, the list represents individuals who embodied such attributes as creativity, innovation, strategic management, financial success, leadership, artist development and career longevity, vision, fan engagement, consistency and commitment to excellence.”

R.O.C.U. It surely ticks many of these boxes, and we are beyond happy for the important group to be honored in this year’s Pollstar Impact 50 List.

See Pollstar’s Full 2021 Impact 50 List Here https://news.pollstar.com/2022/05/16/impact-50-2022-index-page/

Specifically, being honored are R.O.C.U. Co-founders Bill Reeves and Lance “KC” Jackson. Pollstar tells us that the two came into their professional callings by following very different roads.

Bill Reeves, now 74 years old, found his passion for the stage when his mother took him to see a Broadway production of Peter Pan as a child in Los Angeles. In 1971, Reeves found his way into the industry while working his first job as a stagehand for The Lawrence Welk Show. Contract followed after contract, which led to a life backstage in the entertainment industry.

Reeves became lighting director/ Production Manager for Teddy Pendergrass and has worked for Luther Vandross, Price, Anita Baker, Maxwell, D’Angelo and his most recently Tour Manager for Anthony Hamilton

Lance “KC” Jackson, now 64 years old, felt his first spark to become part of the industry when seeing The Supremes live at the old Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ, in 1965. He says, “I think the thing that really fascinated me with seeing The Supremes was not so much the production,” Jackson says. “I was trying to figure out how they get that sound? What kind of magic is this?”

A Magic, Lance “KC” Jackson ended up contributing to all his life. He worked for artists as diverse as Luther Vandross to New Kids On The Block to Justin Bieber. He’s currently Production Stage Manager for Earth, Wind, and Fire.

In 2009, Reeves and Jackson started their own social media platform, Roadies of Color United (R.O.C.U.), to give professionals in the live industry the chance to “unite, network, promote each other and collaborate in order to help promote a more diverse and inclusive industry.”

Pollstar says, “R.O.C.U. is now an international professional association and on the leading edge of diversity efforts in the live business, presciently helping to usher in the change we so very much need.”
In the following article, which is also the base for our article on R.O.C.U.s most recent success, Reeves and Jackson interview each other to help explain how R.O.C.U. came into being, and what lies ahead.

Pollstar states ” The decision, then, to put Lance “KC: Jackson and Bill Reeves, the co-founders of Roadies of Color United Association, on the cover was an easy one.”

“The two accomplished tour production veterans, who will appear at this year’s Pollstar Live! Conference in June, faced discrimination throughout their storied careers and led the call for greater inclusivity and diversity in our industry long before the pandemic or folks putting black boxes on their social media pages.”

Lance “KC” Jackson explains, “For me, it was pretty simple. There were the trade magazines, but social media was something in 2009 that was relatively new to the industry. We were talking and we noticed that there was only a smattering of people of color in those groups.”

“Bill Reeves and I both agreed that there was a need to create a place where people of color could be welcome. We needed to create it, because it didn’t exist.”

Pollstar further states, “That is “rewriting rules” and creating something “radically new” which takes flight on the wings of immutable truth that over time proliferates far and wide. It is the embodiment of impact!”

Read the Full article here :Roadies of Color United Honored on 2021 Pollstar Impact 50 List (theatreartlife.com)

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