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Your Support Needed Contact Your Members of Congress NOW

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Your Support Needed Contact Your Members of Congress NOW

Contact Your Members of Congress NOW

On July 30, NAMM’s Public Affairs and Government Relations department and Bandit Lites chair Michael T. Strickland, among others, discussed the proposed HEROES and HEALS Acts, Education Stabilization Fund and more in a NAMM-sponsored webinar on Covid-19 relief options.

Hours later, Strickland reached out to PLSN with an open letter to the industry to request support for federal relief for music and live event businesses and funding for well-rounded education for all students. 

Please only contact your elected officials from your home or business addresses and post directly to Member of Congress websites.

Cut and paste, and personalize as desired, the email text below. Spread the news and request all industry colleagues and employees, contractors and gig workers to contact their Members of Congress to support our industry in this time of need.

Template Text

Dear (fill in Member of Congress name):

I write urgently today with two requests: 1) critical business relief to address the needs of music and live event businesses that are faced with devastating income loses since March that will continue at least through the end of this calendar year due to the pandemic and 2) funding needs for education to assure that every child has access to well-rounded educational opportunities.

For music and live event businesses, support and options for relief through longer term forgivable loans and grants are desperately needed for this small business sector that employs hundreds of thousands people and advances economic activity in communities everywhere. Music and live events are the economic engine of communities across the country and are a key driver in “getting people together.” Restaurants, hotels, retail stores, and other local businesses also directly benefit from the hundreds of millions of concert, theater, festival, fair and event goers who attend millions of events each year. Live performance venues and the artists and workers in the industry are also the lifeblood of the cultural and social identity of our neighborhoods. Until we can gather in medium or large numbers again, it is not possible for the live event sector to recover and it is impossible to operate in a viable manner at low capacity to meet the needs of social distancing and other health and safety requirements.

I am grateful that Congress boldly provided vital, short-term assistance with the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), expanding unemployment insurance eligibility to “gig” workers and the self-employed, and extending other relief. Businesses such as the live event industry that are facing prolonged closure, however, need additional help in the form of longer-term, forgivable loans, grants and flexibility in use of funds to truly meet the dramatic needs of this time.

Through this time, the lives of our nation’s children have been so disrupted and more than ever, connection to teachers and school community – be it virtually or in-person – is vital for every child. We strongly urge you to support increased education funding as part of relief efforts so to assure that every child have access to the education they need. Our children are the future and we must band together to assure their wellbeing and access to a well-rounded education.

Thank you for your review and consideration; your assistance is more important now than ever before.

Title, company
City, state

For more information, please visit NAMM’s Issues & Advocacy page.

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